Anacostia Restoration Potential Workgroup (ARPW)
The Anacostia Restoration Potential Workgroup coordinates the collection of data and monitoring in the Anacostia watershed. Composed of member technical staff, the group is charged with advising the Management Committee on all technical restoration issues. They are also charged with preparing a yearly status report on the restoration effort.

Anacostia Watershed Toxics Alliance (AWTA)
The Anacostia Watershed Toxics Alliance is the group working to address toxic sediment contamination problems in the Anacostia River and its Tributaries, and advising the Management Committee. For more information, visit the AWTA website.

AWTA meeting Materials:

Trash Reduction Workgroup

The Trash Reduction Workgroup is charged with addressing trash-related issues within the watershed, and advising the Management Committee. Currently the group is solely working to establish a trash TMDL (total maximum daily load) for the
Anacostia River including areas in Washington, DC and Maryland.