Restoration Progress, Conditions and Data

While Progress may be measured in many ways, monitoring provide direct feedback on the development of a restored system with respect to performance criteria. Monitoring parameters such as water quality, vegetation cover, and fish use are measured to determine success of the system. The following resources represent some of the information used to gauge restoration efforts, and to identify areas still in need of help.

Action Agenda

While this Action Agenda honors the progress made to date, it acknowledges that not nearly enough has been done.
This Action Agenda commits our Partnership to many more actions over the next three years that will help to clean and restore the watershed and set the stage for more improvements in the future.

Partnership Annual Reports

The annual watershed restoration reporting process was developed by the AWMC’s Anacostia Restoration Potential Workgroup (ARPW). It is based on the Anacostia Watershed Restoration Indicators and Targets adopted by the Anacostia member jurisdictions on December 3, 2001 and ensures that annual progress toward the 2010 goals is monitored, and that related information is compiled and disseminated to all interested Anacostia stakeholders. It also calls for the biennial convening of signatories.